New Philosophy.

Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com.
did you see the new Philosophy? GORGEOUS! (PRICEY!)
but gorgeous doesnt ALWAYS mean pricey, so this is bw654booky showing you another great knock-off out fit!


DECADES (done right!)

:)hi tis is bw654booky from stardoll, yet again i have another outfit for you. its $27~ a little pricey but i still think its cheaper than DKNY outfits.lets just get on with this,(lol)

(if you want to contact me, im on stardoll right now. im bw654booky on stardoll.com)


:)hi this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, and i wanna show you a little something i "designed" at the DIY boutioque. but first, i would like to say, IF YOU WANT ME TO USE YOUR MEDOLL, APPLY AT 44nicole44's modeling club. THE JOB PAYS!