Hiya buddies from stardoll and others lol :D. this is once again IAmLeeysRivera from stardoll. In my last post i made a hot buys look, which is obviously for superstars. But i came back for more! and i came up with a pirate look so precious! you just have to have it! I came up with it because i just love the tingeling pirate jacket! And not only that but its totally non-superstar. i hope you guys like it!

Oh and this time i have a price, jewlewry and make up not included of course :)

(click for a beter view) ;D

♥♥♥ carmen.stardoll


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, and one of our models claidis made this awesome look! see for yourself! punky beauty, pure rock! its awesome!