CocoChanel Inspired

Inspired By - Coco Chanel
Model - IAmLeeyshRivera


You Can Get this Gold Goth Look , Which Is Quite Bold and Outstanding . I thought I would never be able to use the Black Lip Stick for anything , or the Hot Buy's Earing's ! xox What do you think ? Nicole xox

The Red Posh Alien x

Hey Everyone ! Hope you Like them ! xox Nicole



Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,so i umm was watching the devil wears prada and i thought i could make the cerulan sweater scene outit on line and turns out i did!
click the link up above(i think you have to click the title, idk) or just here:


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, and i um... made this outfit, because i was in the aeropostale store the other day and i also went to american eagle. one look at the price tag for a buffalo shirt and we were out! haha, back to the subject. anyways i saw this green sweater in the starplaza, and it had like a little tiny animal sign i went like"omg this should make a great outfit!" and so on and so on...
pretty in pink top optional.