The Halloween Attre x

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Be Their ,
Prizes , Gift's and Best Dressed List !


Today's dress up x

Today , 18/9/09 ,
I dress'd up as a Circus Host x

Halloween Dress Up !

Hey Everyone x It's Me , Nicole . And as it was coming to Halloween , I thought everyday I would dress up as something different coming up to Halloween !On The 17/9/09 I was a Princess x
What do you think ? x


More halloween makeup! xx

Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,like Nicole's previous post, this is for halloween themed makeup. i cant type much now, so I'll add more later. everything explained in the picture.click the pic for a better view.


Are you Ready for Halloween ?

Hi It's 44nicole44 Hear , For a Halloween Surprise !
I Put togeather this Halloween Look from ,
Dot DOREE and Splendid ! What do you think ?
Nicole xox


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,YAY!! ITS HALLOWEEN AGAIN!!i love Halloween-- the time of year that nobody cares if i dress like a freak!!! (unlike last week, i wore a chicken suit and jumped around the street and someone threw a beer bottle at me!! what the heck?!) soo far... i only have one outfit ready to give you. i'll try & make a new one everyweek! THIS OUTFIT IS 23SD.
(i forgot to put it on there. just letting you know. :)


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,i'm late again!! AAH!! i need to get more punctual!! lol! sorry Carmen that i didnt get your picture on here sooner, but better late than never!
* * *
Hippie/Flower Child School Chic By IAmLeeyshRivera:
this outfit consists of:
-MUDD floral peace tee for 5 Stardollars
-MUDD scarf for 3 Stardollars (may not be available anymore.)
- FOLK multi color bag for 5 Stardollars
-FOLK summer top for 5 Stardollars
-RIO distressed jeans for 8 Stardollars
-(Shoes undefined)


9/11 outfit (U.S.A. users)

Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, sorry i was a little late! i was trying to catch up on school work! omg i cant really keep up! im in advanced placement this year and it is so hard to keep up! well anyways, let me talk a little about the whole world trade center thing. as you probably know by now, being that this happen years ago, the world trade center had been attacked on September 11th, 2001 by some suicide bombers. the guy leading it was osama bin ladin. two planes went into the twin towers, another one crashed into the pentagon, and another was supposedly going to hit the white house. i remember watching it happen on the news when i was four. hours later the sky was faintly filled with smoke from the buildings. i live on long island towards like the east end kinda, and thats REALLY long from NYC. but anyways, every year, we still watch the news that day, watching the people go up to the podium and recite the names of the dead. 2,995 people died. over 6,300 people were injured & hurt. you can read on about this if you'd like, just click the title.
* * *

What Foot wear ? x


Red White and Blue x

Model - IAmLeeyshRivera
Inspiration - Twin Tower's
Photographer - 44nicole44


CocoChanel Inspired

Inspired By - Coco Chanel
Model - IAmLeeyshRivera


You Can Get this Gold Goth Look , Which Is Quite Bold and Outstanding . I thought I would never be able to use the Black Lip Stick for anything , or the Hot Buy's Earing's ! xox What do you think ? Nicole xox

The Red Posh Alien x

Hey Everyone ! Hope you Like them ! xox Nicole



Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,so i umm was watching the devil wears prada and i thought i could make the cerulan sweater scene outit on line and turns out i did!
click the link up above(i think you have to click the title, idk) or just here:


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, and i um... made this outfit, because i was in the aeropostale store the other day and i also went to american eagle. one look at the price tag for a buffalo shirt and we were out! haha, back to the subject. anyways i saw this green sweater in the starplaza, and it had like a little tiny animal sign i went like"omg this should make a great outfit!" and so on and so on...
pretty in pink top optional.


Schooled in Style

Hi,this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, i have a school teacher outfit here, and heres what you need:
1.print pencil skirt, bisou, 8SD
2.oversized pretty bow bag, pretty in pink,5SD
3.strappy platform sandals,voile,4SD
4.knitted button vest,stardoll,5SD


MODEL - 44nicole44
MADE BY - Nicole

MODEL - 44nicole44
OUTFIT BY - Nicole



hi this is bw654booky and IAmLeeyshRivera from , and this is our new model, sparkleness102. do you see the kinda like attitude she has going on in the outfit, let alone just her medoll i mean come on! thats like a dance movie! bring it on! Ha ha ha! she has that dance attitude and glam and punk, girly. thats the best!


Hiya buddies from stardoll and others lol :D. this is once again IAmLeeysRivera from stardoll. In my last post i made a hot buys look, which is obviously for superstars. But i came back for more! and i came up with a pirate look so precious! you just have to have it! I came up with it because i just love the tingeling pirate jacket! And not only that but its totally non-superstar. i hope you guys like it!

Oh and this time i have a price, jewlewry and make up not included of course :)

(click for a beter view) ;D

♥♥♥ carmen.stardoll


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, and one of our models claidis made this awesome look! see for yourself! punky beauty, pure rock! its awesome!


hey! this IAmLeeyshRivera from stardoll!, I am a new writer and im really happy!!! for my first post of course, i have an out fit!!! I collect hot buys, and i used my favorite ones to whip this one up. :) i did not write the price down like bw654booky ussually does beacause they are hot buys and you will proabably get them at a diferent price than i did. I hope you guys like it!!;)

(click the image for a better view)

♥♥♥ carmen.stardoll ;)


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, how was your fourth of july (american users)?
any ways, i wanted to do an anime' look today, so im gonna go and look through the starplaza(i didnt do it yet! lol)
* * *
okaii, im working on it on my friend becca's account for stardoll.un fortanatly becca's account is not superstar so, some things may not show up on the check ot that clearly! anyways- im doing a crappy job. i hate what im making, it looks really bad!!
* * *
okaii i just switched the shirt&skirt for a sailor dress, now it reminds me of one of my best friends on stardoll! sailorgurlvWHOA


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!! (american users)
ah, independence day! barbecues, fireworks, swimming! So, okay, the outfit for this day(oops, that rhymed!) the options of this outfit continue far behind this picture.
you could always switch the basics red shirt for a white one, and maybe get the red belt in pretty in pink, page two(2)-its $3. another way to make another option, (i just thought of this ) is go to folk, and get the blue flower skirt, page two(2) on the top. it has like little red flowers on the bottom. its about four dollars ($4)
i mean, you could always like add a purse, Rio page five(5)port purse five dollars($5). Rio page seven(7)red&gold purse five dollars ($5),basics two dollars($2)red canvas bag. you could also always do a shrug with your red shirt. pretty in pink , whitney port shirt.




Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,todays my birthday!!! Thank you nicole for the gifts! i didn't even ask, but i suspected you'd leave something, your just that kind of person! love you nicole! anyways, i have two new outfits for you today, the first, i took a twist off of the spain theme and made my own.For the second i started with the purse from the spain one, and i wa like, omg that would go great with that blue dress in the archieve and so on and so on...


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,and its my birthday tomorrow!!!
im so happy!! i got a new bike yesterday! (and you know what i did? while i was riding it around Kmart, i was yelling"the british are coming the british are comming!!!!" it was soooooo fun!)
any ways, i'd like to invite you to my birthday (geustbook)party!
eres the invitation:
Hi! this is bw654booky!
since my birthday is in two days, i'd like to invite you to my geust book party!
WHERE: Bw654booky's Geust book!
WHEN:any time during thursday, june 25th
ALSO: My cousin kelly's birthday is the same day as mine, so just visit her and tell her happy birthday! ( cg93miley,kellykitty1998)
■□■□■SEE YOU SOON!!!!■□■□■□■□



Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, and well, um i made this yesterday. i spotted alot of coral stuff so i ended up making this. i never relized until i was done that it was mets colors! ha ha ha lol !!




Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,have you noticed nicole? shes great, and doin alot for us.Anyways, back to our subject! i took the beach theme and kinda put this together(a long time ago but my dad put passwords on the computer and only my parents know them so i can barely go on, sry!) ENJOI THE OUTFIT, i hope its bw654booky quality.

How to get the WOW Look from ELLE x


How to get the WOW Look from Jordache x


Free Dress and Glasses ! xo

Stardoll , has now relesed a free dress and a Glasses ! I love these , there very summery ! If you go to Splendid , you can get the free Glasses . Then If you go toFingeling you can get this free dress ! Then , you can use anything to decorate ! I went to Fudge and go this nice pair of trousers that anyone and ware for only 5 stardollars ! Then I went to Folk , and got these nice pair of shoes for anyone at the price of 3 stardollars ! Then The price just comes to 8 stardollars!
A well good ...

Banner , for heading x New wrighter

Hi Everyone ! Im 44nicole44 x You can call me Nicole and I will be wrighing for this blog !
I have made a banner for the owner , hope you like it and you can use it for the heading !


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,heres a video i came across... (i havent been on her website in a LOOOOOOONG TIME!)


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,and i know, i've never actually seen the movie of twilight, butim like read ing the book for the 5th time. so, here is what i think what she was wearing during the game/the hunt:


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,introducing you to another new model, DANCERGIRL72!


Non Super-Star GLAM!

Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,here is another outfit. but first, i'd like to introduce you to my cousin katie. she has a stardoll account as you can see, as well as what shes wearing. i'm her "personal" shopper. so dont even give her credit. i made her doll. i made the email for it. i made the money. i did the work. (now do i get the credit?) LOL, here it is:

click it to make it bigger.
pays 5sd every time i use your images, names, etc., etc.


Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, and we have a new model-claidis!
she is awesome!

if you would like to apply, go to club my...models on stardoll, and go to joboffer-actually pays!*

*pays 5sd every time i use your medoll!


New Philosophy.

Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com.
did you see the new Philosophy? GORGEOUS! (PRICEY!)
but gorgeous doesnt ALWAYS mean pricey, so this is bw654booky showing you another great knock-off out fit!


DECADES (done right!)

:)hi tis is bw654booky from stardoll, yet again i have another outfit for you. its $27~ a little pricey but i still think its cheaper than DKNY outfits.lets just get on with this,(lol)

(if you want to contact me, im on stardoll right now. im bw654booky on stardoll.com)


:)hi this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, and i wanna show you a little something i "designed" at the DIY boutioque. but first, i would like to say, IF YOU WANT ME TO USE YOUR MEDOLL, APPLY AT 44nicole44's modeling club. THE JOB PAYS!


the elle look , without the price.

pirate scarf optional.

"workin' it out"

For dressy occasions, parties, work, or just casual. everybody will be jealous, you'll be the envy of your clubs.

HI! This is Bw654Booky- From Stardoll!