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Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com, sorry i was a little late! i was trying to catch up on school work! omg i cant really keep up! im in advanced placement this year and it is so hard to keep up! well anyways, let me talk a little about the whole world trade center thing. as you probably know by now, being that this happen years ago, the world trade center had been attacked on September 11th, 2001 by some suicide bombers. the guy leading it was osama bin ladin. two planes went into the twin towers, another one crashed into the pentagon, and another was supposedly going to hit the white house. i remember watching it happen on the news when i was four. hours later the sky was faintly filled with smoke from the buildings. i live on long island towards like the east end kinda, and thats REALLY long from NYC. but anyways, every year, we still watch the news that day, watching the people go up to the podium and recite the names of the dead. 2,995 people died. over 6,300 people were injured & hurt. you can read on about this if you'd like, just click the title.
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