Hi, this is bw654booky from stardoll.com,i'm late again!! AAH!! i need to get more punctual!! lol! sorry Carmen that i didnt get your picture on here sooner, but better late than never!
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Hippie/Flower Child School Chic By IAmLeeyshRivera:
this outfit consists of:
-MUDD floral peace tee for 5 Stardollars
-MUDD scarf for 3 Stardollars (may not be available anymore.)
- FOLK multi color bag for 5 Stardollars
-FOLK summer top for 5 Stardollars
-RIO distressed jeans for 8 Stardollars
-(Shoes undefined)

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  1. Um...nice Blog I like it and I'll advertise it in HMF if you like!


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